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Cabinet types

Cabinet types

In North America there are four types of cabinets that are manufactured. Stock cabinets, semi custom, custom and mill work cabinetry. These are broad categories and the specifics regarding the materials, the quality and the costs vary within each group.

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinetry offers a wide variety of cabinets in standard sizes meant to suit the needs of most consumers. The advantage to stock cabinetry is that they are readily available and are a cost effective option. They are offered in most popular styles and finishes but the disadvantage is that there are no options to customize a unit on the assembly line. Since they are mass produced in a well established factory, their quality level is consistent. Stock cabinets are an excellent value; they are budget friendly and have a much quicker lead time. Since they are made for mass consumers, designers choose the most popular and latest trends in kitchen cabinetry.

Golden Home Cabinetry

Semi Custom Cabinets

Semi Custom Cabinets are also produced as assembly line products but offer customizable sizes. There is also the option of interior fittings such as accessories. Typically Semi Custom Cabinets offer a wider variety of door styles and finishes than stock cabinets. Semi custom cabinets vary in quality and price points. They would offer more stylish cabinets but still limited in their size offerings.

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets are manufactured one at a time. The cabinets are not produced until the kitchen is designed and all the details are finalized. These cabinets are generally manufactured locally and are produced in custom sizes for a perfect fitting cabinet. Specialty pieces such as hoods, mantels, and other decorative details are available and the cabinets are considered furniture grade cabinetry. There is an extensive array of materials and accessories available and offer the latest product available on the market.

Mill-work Cabinetry

Mill work is produced just as custom cabinetry but these companies produce their own stock of panels, accessories and door collection. Their styles can be more elaborate and are also considered furniture grade. Since pieces are produced together, the grain and color matches more closely which lends itself to a more sophisticated look.

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