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Choosing your Faucets

These water delivering devices are not only essential for bringing a much-needed natural resource to your home but are also beautiful accessories which embellish your space. Combining style and function, your faucet and handles come in various finish options and designs. Faucets have evolved greatly from their original conception, the delivery of water. From a single tap spouting out water to now the newest in electromagnetic technology which are activated by a sensor system.



Excellent choice! Brass is a strong durable metal and is virtually unaffected by prolonged contact with water. Brass is composed of copper, zinc with other trace metals. Ranging in color from yellow to red, brass is ideal when machining and poured into cast molds to form the desired shape.


Softer than brass, copper can be easily bent and shaped into a beautiful faucet but needs to be coated or it is prone to corrosion and surface wear and tear.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is an ideal choice in faucets. It is resistant to the corrosive elements found in water and can withstand very hot temperatures. Stainless Steel is not as pliable as other metals and is more difficult to mold. Stainless Steel faucets tend to carry a higher price tag than its counterparts.

Polished Chrome

Chrome is the most popular finish for faucets and hardware. Chrome is very hard, does not oxidize as other metals do and requires little upkeep. These faucets are manufactured by depositing chrome over a nickel base metal. The nickel provides the luster and the chrome is the durable finish.

Color Coated

A colored epoxy is used to create these faucets. The powder is applied and baked on the faucet. Although the results are beautiful, they do not last. This coating is easily worn away leaving behind an unattractive finish.

Living Finishes

Popular in rustic décor, oil-rubbed bronze, copper and real brass finishes change with age. Since they do not have a coating the finish does not stay the same and is part of its rustic appeal.

Other factors affect the functionality of your faucet such as size, positioning and number of holes required.

Single-hole faucet only requires the one hole to be made in the countertop. A single handle with one spout is a sleek modern look that compliments a vessel sink on a bathroom vanity or the uncluttered look over a kitchen sink

Two-hole faucet the spout occupies one hole while the handle controlling water flow and temperature occupies the other hole. Still modern, this configuration saves on space while you may opt to include a built-in soap dispenser

Three-hole faucet the spout has one hole while the hot and cold have their own hole. While more traditional, this is still the preferred configuration for many.


Functionality determine the shape of the spout. If you cook a lot and are always using water and filling pots, a high arched goose neck spout is the most practical configuration. Otherwise spouts generally come in 10, 12 and 14 inch lengths however, longer lengths are available for a custom arrangement.

Information on the different core materials, finishes and configurations is helpful in planning what fittings best suit your needs. The right faucet will provide beauty and comfort for many years to come.

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