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Kitchen trends for 2019

Two-toned kitchens have been popular for a long time but have taken a new twist. The traditional espresso and crème combination is still rich and luxe but a fresher more unexpected trend has made its way into our homes. Blue is the color du jour. Blue cabinet doors paired with white or natural wood such as walnut is a sophisticated pairing that looks very pulled together. The nautical theme of blue and white is a classic and still looks crisp to this day. However, the walnut or natural wood combined with blue adds the element of nature with the natural color and texture that is so on-trend in interiors. If a color like blue is too committal, gray is a good alternative. Gray is more grounding and neutral, pairs well with white and wood, and can offer a wider color palette in the surrounding décor.

Rose Gold and Copper. This warm rich metallic has made a comeback in jewelry and now has infiltrated our home décor. Rose gold is versatile and pairs wonderfully with other metals such as silver and gold. Its is sophisticated, enigmatic and sure is an eye-catcher. In large amounts, rose gold is a bold statement that can dominate its surroundings, (think of decorative copper ceilings). But in smaller touches such as hardware and knobs, trim, sinks, and faucets, rose gold adds high class glamour to your space.

Black cabinetry. Black is a bold statement that  is elegant and chic. There are so many variations and options to black and the finish is key when it comes to this trend. But high gloss black can be dated, instead opt for a lacquer or matte look. Think of the classic black piano finish of lacquered wood, this is dark and dramatic.  Dark black lacquer in a well-lit kitchen comes alive especially when combined with glass doors, silver accessories and appliances. If this look is too loud for you, black can always be muted with a matte finish. Matte black finish is very much on trend and can vary in hue from true black to charcoal gray. To lightened the mood pair it with white back splash tiles and predominately white quartz with gray veining. And of course don’t forget the very trendy matte black appliances!

Green Kitchens. From pale mint to emerald green and everything in between, green is here to stay. Considered a neutral, Green has always been a classic in décor but we have bad feelings from the avocado appliances of the past. But green has such versatility and does not have to be flat and dated. Mint green in its palest shade is the in color for 2019-20. Green can be manipulated into so many different hues. Bright and fresh as granny smith apples, or into a shade that resembles pewter. Green can pop and complement other bright colors or hold its own with neutrals such as natural wood or gray. One thing is for certain is that a green kitchen is always inviting.

High tech appliances. Apps are making their way into our appliances. From when to start brewing your coffee, monitoring the temperature of your festive bird or alerting you by text to tell you the dish is ready to be served, this convenience is a reality with smart appliances. But why stop there? Imagine a tablet built in to your refrigerator. A WiFi enabled LCD screen allows you to look up recipes, access the owner’s manual, leave messages for loved ones and even make phone calls! This fridge is also designed to shelve up to 28 cubic feet. That is 28 bags of groceries!

Powerful Range Hoods. Now that they are available everyone wants one. With the average fan only producing 250 CFM of power and being very loud, these state-of-the-art range hoods boast up to 1000 CFM and only at a mere 56 decibels of noise. With our open concept housing and varied cuisine; creating lots of oil smoke and odors not need be a concern seeping into the rest of the house. With touch screen technology and ergonomically designed; these sleek appliances look like furniture or can be completely concealed and tucked away

J-shaped or C-shaped handles. Knobs and pulls have always been the jewelry of the cabinet, but consider none at all! The J-shaped or C-shaped handles are integrated into the door.  With its sleek minimalism and clean looking lines, this look is unfussy and easy to keep clean.

Everything and the Kitchen Sink! Modern sinks are cutting edge when it comes to design and functionality. As an integral part of the kitchen providing such duties as cleaning and food preparation, it is not surprising that the latest innovation in technology is in kitchen sinks. Available is a vast array of durable and attractive materials from fire clay to high-grade stainless-steel, sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The function is in the design of the bowl to facilitate drainage and an efficient clean up. There are a number of available accessories from sink cover to add more counter space to racks, strainers and colanders to assist with food prep.

Quartz countertops. Quartz is here to stay. Boasting no maintenance required, quartz is mostly composed of stone that has been fabricated into sleek solid surfaces. The appeal to quartz is that each slab is predictable and these stones often resemble the look of marble. Quartz is also coming up with designs and colors to look like granite or like concrete for an industrial look. Bright colors, sparkles, subtle veining or swirly patterns you are sure to find a quartz top to suit your taste.

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