AGON Vanity drawer divider system

Plastic vanity divider system designed to fit around the sink drain.

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Interior Dimensions Required – Depth




Product Dimensions – Depth



Interior Dimensions Required – Width Min. 400 mm
Material Plastic
Solutions Drawer Organization
Product Dimensions – Height 86.5 mm
Interior Dimensions Required – Height 88 mm



– Its U-shape fits around the sink drain enabling you to optimize vanity drawer storage space.
– Available width of 300 mm (11-13/16″) enables it to be installed in any drawer.
– Available depth of 250 mm or 300 mm (77/8″ or 11-13/16″).
– Designed for drawer bottoms with thickness of 16 mm (5/8″).
– Available in white or gray to blend perfectly with your drawer bottom.
– Interior dividers, sold separately, enable you to personalize your storage space.
– Available for lateral panels of 16 mm (5/8″) or 19 mm (3/4″).
– Product is easy to clean.
– Its appearance will not change over time.
– Provides support to the drawer bottom.
– Drawer bottom to be cut by the user.