Universal Boxes

Universal container system for multipurpose storage applications

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Finish Graphite
Interior Dimensions Required – Height 70 mm
Interior Dimensions Required – Depth Min. 84 mm
Product Dimensions – Height 64 mm
Product Dimensions – Depth Min. 84 mm
Material Polystyrene
Solutions Drawer Organization
  • *Compact and solid polystyrene containers that are easy to clean
    *Modular design with multiple combinations, uses and applications. Your imagination is the limit.
    *The no 503293905 3-container kit has 2 fixing guides and a container of each size
    *The 250 mm guide is for a big container (252 mm) or a medium (168 mm) and a small (84 mm) or 3 small containers (84 mm)
    *The 503292905 kit with 9 containers, delivered with connectors, serves as an adjustable utensil divider
    *You just have to screw the rail on the door or the side of your cabinet and fix the containers according to your needs or simply place them on a shelf and use them as drawers
    *German design, 10-year guarantee