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We all think about how we can use every inch of our kitchen space and why not?

A new kitchen brings with it an opportunity to see storage and space in new and innovative ways. We have some obvious ideas to maximize our space such as installing extra cabinetry for storage where possible such as kitchen islands, and closets. Pull out drawers can be an unexpected beautiful solution. Imagine most of your base cabinets being banks of drawers side by side. It’s quite the rich look and you are doubling your space as well. Some other solutions which may seem obvious but not practical are cupboards to the ceiling. I have had so many clients come in looking for custom cabinetry going to the ceiling so they can have extra storage. There are a few reasons as to why this is not my favorite solution. First off that is a lot of extra door and cabinetry and chances are the doors would be an irregular size. Visually, the proportions would be off and the extra expense of materials to store a hard to access festive dish you use once a year is not really worth it.

Let’s look at other possibilities for organization and storage solutions


I absolutely love pull out and tandem systems, I think they are great and very innovative. So, let us consider some not so obvious storage areas.

How about a pull-out filler? You know that narrow space between cabinets?  Decorative Fillers are between 3 to 6 inches wide and fill gaps between cabinets that are there to prevent any obstruction for a door to fully function. A full extension pull-out shelf slides out to house small items such as spice bottles or even cups.


These systems are mounted inside the door as well as offer pull-out storage when the cabinet is opened. Instead of removing all your bottles or cans to search through the back, items pull out and display easily.


Speaking of door mounts, various racks and shelves can be mounted in back of doors to store anything from your spices to even mail and spare keys.


Drawer organizers are so practical in particular the double tiered – cutlery tray. Essentially, two cutlery trays are stacked and the top tray slides back to access the lower tray. You literally double your space.


Hanging items such as pots and pans frees up space in cupboards and drawers. Pot racks that hang from the ceiling are a way to free up space all together while hanging overhead for easy access. Racks can also slide out from cupboards to keep cookware tidy and organized.


Don’t forget the under-sink cabinet. Several solutions that add function and practicality to this little area. Waste bins that open up when you open the door, sliding storage baskets and towel racks. Every thing has its place and purpose and tucks neatly away in this often awkward space.

There are so many storage solutions. A lot of thought and design has gone into this section of kitchen and bath that storage is an industry in itself. Exploring storage accessories can help shape and compliment the design of your kitchen. You will enjoy years of convenience and ease when everything has a place and a place for everything.