Summer home renovation projects

Summer’s long days and warm weather make it the ideal season for upgrading parts of your home. Here are the easy, affordable home maintenance projects to add to your list this summer.

Refresh your house with paint.

Summer is the perfect season for bigger paint projects. If you have areas in your home that you’ve been meaning to repaint, such as entire rooms or the exterior, summer is the time to do it—and a little paint could go a long way in transforming your space. The warm weather lets the paint cure properly and ensures that it will last longer.

Enhance The Landscaping

One of the more popular summer home renovation projects that take only a weekend to complete is adding curb appeal. There’s no denying that lawn beautification goes a long way for a home’s visual appeal and it’s a central part of a home’s character. Because landscaping is the first impression visitors and potential buyers see, it’s a critical component to get a jump start on this summer.

Refacing Cabinets

If you’re tired of your worn-out-looking kitchen but you like the configuration of your kitchen cabinets—and they’re in good condition—refacing might be the right choice for you. Cabinet refacing involves replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts and installing matching veneer on the face of the cabinet bases. When the project is done, your kitchen will look fresh and new at a fraction of what it would have cost to completely replace the cabinets. The best part of scheduling these major kitchen updates in the summer is that the project will be finished before holiday cooking and entertaining starts in earnest!

Installing New Countertops

While installing new countertops seems like a project that’s fine to do any time of the year, it’s actually a smart one to schedule well before the first frost. When you consider the fact that installation professionals need to haul the old countertop out of your home and carry in the new (and often very heavy) countertop materials, you can see that icy sidewalks and frigid temperatures are not ideal for all these indoor-outdoor foot traffic.

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