3 tips that can save your budget in kitchen renovation

Refurbish the Appliances

Now, information about fixing kitchen appliances is readily available. And there’s a thriving online service parts marketplace. This makes it possible for many homeowners to refurbish their own appliances, rather than paying for a professional or spending money on something new.

Keep the Same Kitchen Layout

Dramatically changing the kitchen layout is one sure way to drive up the remodelling budget. For instance, moving plumbing for the sink, dishwasher, or refrigerator entails hiring plumbers. They’ll have to punch holes in your walls to run new pipes, which means an added cost of materials in addition to the labour.

Opt for Engineered Stone or Butcher Block Counters

For those who aren’t big chefs and don’t necessarily need the same resilient quality of the stone, there’s always butcher block as another option. “Obviously the material is a lot cheaper than quartz or stone, but it has the added benefit of having a much lower fabrication cost,” Soria says. “Fabricating countertops is a big business because it has to be so precise, so using an easily installed product brings down your labour cost quite a bit. The downside is that you’ll likely have to replace butcher block more often.” If you like the look of a patina, a butcher block counter that acquires signs of wear over the years could be the most affordable option.

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