Does Shaker white make your home old-school?

As we all know, shaker white is one of the most popular kitchen styles in North America. However, the young generations tend to be very skeptical about shaker white because traditional designs of shaker white cabinets can make your kitchen look old-school.

Let’s take a look at how leading cabinet designers like Heartwood make shaker white cabinets fashionable and beautiful in a modern kitchen.

1. Shiny appliances: One of the concerns of shaker white cabinets is that they look ancient. With the contraction with the modern kitchen appliances, the tech-feeling of the appliances will make your shaker white cabinets look clean, rather than old-school.

2. Colorful countertops and backsplash: We have talked about countertops and backsplashes in the previous articles. There are lots of materials nowadays that can fulfill your needs in various colors. Choose an energetic color and pair it with your white shaker cabinets. Your kitchen will become a place full of energy that lights up your daily life.

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