Your walk-in closet

When everything is so wonderfully displayed and organized you are more likely to wear more than the five outfits we seem to rotate between.

We’re a little older now. We have acquired some beautiful apparel over the years. We really do not need to subscribe to the capsule wardrobe philosophy. At the end of the winter season I always buy a couple of cashmere sweaters on sale in fresh colors and styles. I now have about a dozen… and I am not getting rid of those! They last for years! I have inherited a mass of beautiful silk scarves and I treat myself to a luxury handbag on my birthday. Now I need a place to display it all and to have a full visual representation of what I own.

Here comes our dream closet….

Let’s face it, we need an efficient space to store and access our belongings without jamming everything here and there. We need the proper systems to organize our items and custom shelves and drawers house things that can be hard to store such as socks, ties, belts and jewelry. Your walk-in closet or dressing room can be highly personalized with everything you need to get ready. Custom cabinets can be tailored to fit your space and the hardware to make this happen is out there.

So, lets start with what will be stored.

  • Belts
  • Shoes
  • Ties
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Shirts
  • Sweaters

Now let’s think of your closet as an organizing system. We have hanging systems and structural systems.

Structural systems are the built-ins such as shelves, cupboards, drawers all meant to accommodate your socks, underwear, sweaters and tee-shirts.

Hanging systems can include multiple rods at different heights to accommodate your dresses, pants, shirts and jackets. The depth should be 24 inches and the height you can play with to accommodate specific lengths. But why just limit ourselves to rods and shelves? Ahhhhh here come all the accessories that stay still, pull out and pivot.


Pants and skirts are hung neat and tidy with a pull-out pant rack.

A heavy gauge chrome system that is both sleek and organized features convenient moveable fingers for easy access. Or if you want a more traditional looking closet, a sliding pant rack made of natural wood has the feel of a classic haberdashery.

Do you have the space for a Revolving Closet System? Wouldn’t that be great! Either a large mechanical system or a smaller manual version. Hang your clothes on these rotating systems and have them present themselves to you for easy access.


For jackets, dresses and shirts, these rods are attached to your built- in cabinetry and extend out for easy access.

Valet rods or sliding supports

Are installed in the interior

Of your cabinet or shelf and Pull out to full extension.


No need to store them in drawers. Wood or aluminum, these sliding racks pull out for easy access.


Ran out of wall space? You can still see your reflection with a pull-out mirror. Available in different finishes from bronze to aluminum frames.


Categorize your shoes and keep them off the floor with a variety of systems. Dedicate a corner to this rotating shoe support. This rotating rack will control the clutter of shoes in your closet. A bit too much? Don’t worry there are many shoe racks and shoe rails to chose from that keep your shoes together and in plain view.

So much thought has gone into closet design. The storage and organization solutions for maximizing what is often a limited space. Next, we will consider the kids room….

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