Your choices in sinks

Sinks are the ultimate accessory for your kitchen or bathroom. From ultramodern sleek to ornate traditional styles sinks come in a variety of natural and synthetic materials. You can choose from overmount installation which prevents your countertops from getting water on them or undermount which has a clean finished look. Sinks now come with an array of accessories such as basin racks to rest your hot pots or produce on. Innovative colander/ cutting board combination and wire dish racks.


Stainless steel is still the most popular choice in sinks but first, what is gauge?

Gauge is the measurement of the sink’s thickness. The higher the gauge, the thinner the steel. For instance, 22 gauge is not the best choice for your kitchen sink, as it is prone to bowing and denting. Better quality sinks would be 16 to 18 gauge, 18 being a very good choice and 16 gauge considered to be a luxury sink. As a comparison, commercial sinks such as for restaurants typically use 14 to 16 gauge sinks. They are very deep and large and are intended for hard heavy use.

For your home.

Your kitchen sink is typically between 6 to 12 inches deep and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your preferences. Standard sizes are great for everyday use, but think of all the other instances when different shapes and sizes would come into play. Do you entertain a lot? A large deep sink is ideal. Deeper basins can accommodate over sized pots or even a roasting pan!  Double and triple bowls are handy by helping you with your various food prep. You can use one bowl to grate or chop while you wash, drain or cool food in another basin. There is a variety in types of stainless steel used in the composition of these sinks. An 18 gauge sink made of 18% chrome and 10% nickel content offers a top-quality sink. This also allows for a bit of give and absorption to reduce the likely hood of a dish breaking if dropped. Also, to look forward to, this finish provides many years of resisting chips and rust and time will eventually give your sink a beautiful soft patina appeal.


A composite of natural granite and acrylic polymers were engineered to create a sink as hard as rock.  These sinks also come in an array of shapes and sizes with several different colors to chose from. The colors and patterns are uniform throughout with a smooth soft matte finish and will not fade or wash out. Easy to clean they are shock and scratch resistant and if they do mark up, they are easy to repair with a soft abrasive. Granite sinks can tolerate heat up to 280 degrees Celsius and retain the warmth of the water. They are also quiet so you can work in the sink without making much noise.


Old world appeal and craftsmanship combined with natural materials and technology, fireclay sinks are elegant.

Fireclay is extremely hard and resistant to shocks and scratches they also come in different shapes and sizes. Although available in overmount and undermount variations in modern styles, these sinks are most popular for the apron front style which is glazed on the three exposed sides. They are beautiful in farm or country style kitchens. This particular sink will bring your kitchen years of beauty.

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