Home office work station

So, your kitchen project is complete and its…sublime! Your bathroom is a peaceful elegant space and your vanity is a functional beautiful piece of furniture in the midst of an oasis that you created. Now it’s time to take all the thought and research you put into design, function, and aesthetics and bring it to your home office. But how do you want to transform your workspace? This is what is exciting about your new project. It can be a continuous flow of the style from the rest of your home or it can be its own design and style entity. Will it be an extension of the traditional style which is your home? Or perhaps your modern sleek hideaway? The sky is the limit to your imagination.


What is the space you can devote to your workstation? Is it a small cozy nook? Such as a repurposed closet? Is it a spare bedroom that serves as an ideal office or hobby space? Or is it an area in your basement where you can have peace and solitude? Either way, the staple of this room is custom built-in or floating cabinetry. Whether you have room for a built-in desk with a large set of drawers and an overhead cabinet for storage or an entire room that can be devoted to cabinetry, made-to-measure design options are exactly what you want.

 For your desk or workstation, a custom-built desk will fit the size and shape of your room, and the size and shape of you too! Finally, you can sit or stand in an area that suits you just right. Perfect ergonomics are the key here so you can work for hours without undue strain on your body.

The style of your desk can also meet your design preferences. You have the option of a built-in unit that fits like a custom furniture or will it look more like a contemporary desk with legs?  Drawers that can function as a filing cabinet are a must.  The hardware and storage options that are in your kitchen and Bathroom are optimal for this space. All those storage solutions from pantry pull outs and recycling receptacles can come into play into your personal space. Bring this luxury into your home workspace and let it be organized and clutter free.  High capacity pulls out drawers made from maple tonged and groove box or metal slides full extension soft closing system.  These Drawer units and pull out systems file your paper work. Organize your office supplies in a double drawer pull out system and have your pens and stapler always at hand. All to say that the hardware components are available in various sizes and these systems are silent, smooth, soft closing, full extension drawers with a safety device to prevent drawers from falling out.

Open or closed cabinets and display units as overhead shelving can show off your beautiful objects or make extra room for gadgets, gizmos and work accessories. These shelves can come in a variety of sizes that house everything and fit our space perfectly.


If you want to carry the traditional style of your home to this work space, beautiful wood cabinets come in various species and door styles. Maple, Birch, Cherry wood in a plethora of door styles from the simplest shaker door to the most ornate door style. Decorative accents from corbels to mouldings create a rich traditional look. Choose custom finishes in any stain color or create a glaze or distressed look to give a more classic look.

Or choose from an array of PVC (poly vinyl chloride). PVC doors are valued for their practicality and long wear ability. Easy to clean and care for, they are an excellent choice for offices or hobby stations.  They come in solid colors that look like painted doors, they can also mimic wood grain from traditional woods to exotic woods such as Zebra wood. PVC doors come in matt or high gloss finishes.

Quartz and Granite surfaces are perfect for workspaces. This luxurious product can range in shape, size, and profile detail. For a clean streamlined look or vibrant playful colour, chose Quartz. Although mostly a stone composite because it is fabricated you are guaranteed a consistent color and pattern. If you prefer a more organic look, the natural inconsistency of granite is your option. This is a purely natural product with no way to control or predict the deposit of minerals during this stone’s formation. Highly durable and low maintenance is the appeal of this product.

Building a custom home office is a wonderful edition to your beautiful home. Since your space is typically a smaller scale, this renovation project can be relatively painless. Complete your home and enjoy spending hours on your work.

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